Blundstone 1604 - Blueberry
Blundstone 1604 - Blueberry
Blundstone 1604 - Blueberry


Blundstone 1604 - Blueberry

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Leather is lightly distressed with a soft nap, and does not have a smooth finish. 

In a jam looking for comfortable footwear in a delicious colour? Why not pick Blundstone Classic #1604 Blueberry. Blueberry is leather lined for instant comfort. All-day, all-weather, all-surface dry comfort and no-lace ease. Unlike real blueberries, which tend to disappear, Blundstone blueberry is made to last. Unisex sizing.


  • Premium weatherproof supple leather upper.
  • Thermo-urethane outsole resistant to hydrolysis and microbial attack.
  • Polyurethane midsole for comfort.
  • XRD® in the heel strike zone to dissipate heel strike shock.
  • Comfort EVA removable footbed with XRD® in the heel pad.
  • Extra set of footbeds for fit adjustment.
  • Leather lined.

Care Details

  • First, remove any caked dirt on your boots with a soft bristled brush or damp cloth, and leave your boots to air dry. Please ensure that your boots are away from direct sunlight or any heaters, as they will dry out the leather.
  • Apply leather polish, spray or cream to the leather to help maintain your boots. If you are using a polish for the first time, try it on an inconspicuous area of the boot to check whether it alters the colour or appearance.